From a humble start in 1970 with just two newspapers, Morris Newspaper Corporation has grown steadily and today owns and operates over seventy publications in seven states and the Caribbean. These include daily newspapers, non-daily newspapers, arts & entertainment weeklies and shoppers. A new emphasis on niche publications in the last decade has led to the growth of a stable of specialty publications ranging from real estate to tourist magazines and military publications.

Morris Newspaper Corporation has earned a reputation as one of the best publishers of community newspapers in the United States. Just as importantly, the company has also won the respect of the communities it serves.

The company today publishes in California, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, the U.S. Virgin Islands as well as in its home state, Georgia.

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Daily, Weekly and Quarterly Newspapers

Morris Newspaper Corporation was founded on the institution of community journalism. With four daily and over forty weekly newspapers in the company, we understand and relish the role of the community newspaper. We pride ourselves on providing the most accurate and timely local and regional news and deliver this product to our readers and customers every day. Morris Newspaper Corporation learned many years ago that the heart and soul of any great community newspaper is in the community we serve. We also realize that in many cases, we are the main source of local news for our community and we strive to provide our readers with an engaging and enjoyable experience on every page we print and publish.

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Alternative Publications

These unique publications share the goal of quality community journalism that our Daily, Weekly and Quarterly newspapers strive for, however they package their content with a slightly non-conventional point of view. These publications also pride themselves on creative writing and for being market leaders in the arts and entertainment segments of reporting.

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Morris Newspaper Corporation understands the strategic role of the modern shopper. Published as a free-standing product or sold in conjunction with a daily or weekly newspaper, these extended market publications feature strong market penetration and readership. They embrace the concept of zoned-marketing and provide our customers with an outstanding opportunity to target their consumers with low cost per thousand and low-cost marketing.

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Tourist Publications

Our tourist publications are designed to make the most out of your vacation or business trip. If you are looking for what to do or where to go on your next trip, then pick up one of our amazing tourist magazines.

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Specialty and Magazines

In a world that is moving so fast, readers and advertisers are thrilled to find a wide array of niche publications managed by Morris Newspaper Corporation. From real estate to parenting, from The Poultry News to a business journal or relocation guide, we have a publication designed to meet the needs of just about any business. We also take great pride in publishing some of our nations best military newspapers and supplements.

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